How can MoosePacks help me?

Do you take multiple medications? Did you know your local community pharmacy, Moose Pharmacy, can help you manage your medication regimen? Moose Pharmacy is a local, independent, community pharmacy that helps many of their patients simplify their medication process through “MoosePacks” at no extra cost. This means healthier patients!

MoosePacks are a unique and personalized way to manage all your medications. Each box contains individual packets of your medications prepared by pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. Packets are specific to the day and time of day you take your medications. By signing up for MoosePacks your pharmacists will review all your medications to make sure they are safe and effective and discuss what time you normally take all medications to ensure the MoosePack mirrors that.

A MoosePack will last you 30 days and you will receive it on the same day each month. Your pharmacist and pharmacy technician will work with you to determine the best “MoosePack Pickup Day.” It’s so simple. MoosePacks can also be delivered to your home for no extra cost! The pharmacist and pharmacy technicians will work closely with your insurance and doctor to align all your medications for you. Before each MoosePack is made a pharmacy technician will check in with you to see if any of your medications have changed. And the rest is up to Moose Pharmacy.

MoosePacks are just wonderful! The fact that I don’t have to divide up my medicine anymore is a real blessing for me.

If your doctor prescribes a new medication the pharmacy will give you a “partial fill” to align your new medication to be filled with your next MoosePack. We will talk with you and your doctor to see if any of your current medications need to be stopped and make sure you know what to do. If you take over-the-counter medications daily we can also communicate with your doctor to fill those in your MoosePack. It is that simple.

By choosing to manage your medications through MoosePacks you will prevent any delays in getting your medications because a pharmacy technician will be working diligently ahead of schedule to make sure if you need more refills we hear back from your provider in time

MoosePacks will help you remember to take your medications, assure you that you have taken them, and assist you in taking them at the correct time. All of these things lead to better health than unmanaged pills in bottles. MoosePacks are also great if you are caring for someone. Let us help manage your loved ones medications and replace preparing weekly pill boxes with our once monthly MoosePack.

Moose Pharmacy has pharmacies in Concord, Kannapolis, Locust, Monroe, Mount Holly, Mount Pleasant, and Salisbury. All Moose Pharmacies work together to provide remarkable care to their communities. Moose Pharmacy is making sure that you are getting the most from your pharmacy and your medications to maintain great health. And they make it so simple!

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How can MoosePacks help me?