Making caregiving a little easier

Jimmy Helms, a retired house painter and lifelong resident of Concord, North Carolina, enjoys spending time with his adult stepson, Bo, who has autism. The two enjoy riding golf carts and watching westerns together, and Bo completely relies on Jimmy to care for his daily needs. Jimmy accepts this responsibility with compassion and cheer.

“He’s my stepson, but he’s mine,” Jimmy says affectionately, turning to Bo. He reaches for a MoosePack filled with Bo’s medications, and refers to Bo as “daddy’s boy.”

Life has been challenging recently for the Helms family. Jimmy lost his wife, Linda, a few months ago after 42 happy years of marriage. Jimmy, Linda, and Bo always enjoyed outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, grilling, and going to the beach. They shopped together and frequently stopped by the family-owned and operated Moose Pharmacy for their medicinal needs, as well as everyday essentials.

“I’ve actually been going there since before I married Linda,” Jimmy says. “Joe Moose (now a clinical pharmacist and co-owner of Moose Pharmacy) was just out of college, and he was working with his dad.”

Linda cared for Bo’s needs throughout her lifetime, and she lovingly supported Jimmy when neuropathy disease in his legs forced him to retire from painting. Since her passing, Jimmy has committed himself to providing all the care and companionship Bo needs going forward.

Friends have assisted Jimmy with some of the challenges he experiences in caring for Bo – helping with errands and picking up groceries – and Jimmy is grateful. The staff at Moose Pharmacy has continued to be a great help, he says.

“Man, MoosePacks are great! They help me keep the medicine straight. I get them every month and the pharmacy delivers them to me free.”

Keeping track of Bo’s health and medicine can be difficult at times. Bo has diabetes, and in the past Linda always managed his prescriptions. Jimmy admits it can be confusing at times to keep up with all the appropriate medication. When he needs support, or clarification on medical information, he turns to Moose Pharmacy pharmacists and staff.

“They are really good! Donna and Elizabeth, they talk to you when you call them. They answer your questions, and if they need to, they call the doctors. They help you like they’re supposed to, and they don’t mind,” Jimmy says.

He also likes the MoosePacks, personalized medicine packs sealed together and organized by date, time, and dose. Jimmy says they help him keep the medicine straight. “I get them every month. The pharmacy delivers them to me,” Jimmy says. “Man, they are great!”

Jimmy and Bo dearly miss Linda, but they’re moving forward through life together.



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Making caregiving a little easier