Volunteering to help end hunger

In 1964 Henry Lassiter met a young first-year schoolteacher, Mary Anna, on a blind date. He chuckles and says he can’t remember where they went that night, but it was in May. The two fell in love, married the following year, and settled in Mary Anna’s hometown of Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina. Later, they were blessed with their son, David.

“It was one of the blind dates that worked,” Harry laughs softly. “We were together for 45 years.”

Harry worked as a customer service representative for a manufacturer while Mary Anna continued to teach, and they went to church together on Sundays. Those were good days.

The couple was active in their community, and liked meeting people. Harry and Mary Anna particularly enjoyed visiting Moose Pharmacy. Established in 1882, the family-owned drug store has a cozy old-time charm with a classic ice cream and soda counter. They frequently stopped by to pick up prescriptions and other essentials. Also, when they had questions about minor ailments or medications, a pharmacist was always happy to provide advice.

“MoosePacks are just wonderful! The fact that I don’t have to divide up my medicine anymore is a real blessing for me.”

“I’ve seen three generations of pharmacists,” Harry says. “Actually, a fourth generation. Their son works there now,” he recalls.

When Harry and Mary Anna retired, they partnered with six area churches and started a food pantry.

Life brought many changes, as it always does. David grew up and moved from the area. “Mary Anna passed away in 2011,” Harry says sadly, but he’s thankful for the time he had with her.

Now Harry stays busy volunteering throughout the community. The food pantry continues to be a huge part of his life, and he calls it his “second child.” Harry also volunteers with “Meals on Wheels,” packs food for the vulnerable in third-world countries through “Rise Against Hunger, and sells tickets for his local Lions Club’s football team.

Knowing he has to stay healthy to keep up with his active lifestyle, Harry is careful to take his medications properly. He appreciates and depends on Moose Pharmacy’s signature  “MoosePacks” — a convenient supply of each day’s medication sealed together in small, portable packages, organized by date, time, and dose.

“MoosePacks are just wonderful!” Harry explains, “I take quite a bit of medicine — it keeps me going. One problem is that I have ‘essential tremors.’ My hands are very shaky.” That makes it hard for Harry to divide up his pills in traditional medicine containers. “The fact that I don’t have to do that is a real blessing for me,” he says. He also appreciates the delivery option. “If I need them and I can’t get there to pick them up, they bring them to me,” Harry says.

Each Sunday, Harry still attends the Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church. “I’m in the Methodist Men’s group and the Singles Group,” he says.

The last time we spoke, Harry was excited. David was coming home soon to be with Harry. Life is good.

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Volunteering to help end hunger