What are MoosePacks?

In addition to our long list of pharmacy services, we offer pill packs- all of your prescription medications in easy to open labeled packets.

Ask your Moose Pharmacy about “MoosePacks” today, call (800) 820-9107 or click here to get started.

They make it simple to take your medications on the right day and at the right time – no matter where you are. We coordinate everything with your healthcare provider and insurance- totally free!

In fact, we’ll even deliver it right to your door at no extra cost!

What others say about MoosePacks…

“MoosePacks are just wonderful! The fact that I don’t have to divide up my medicine anymore is a real blessing for me.” — Harry Lassiter

“Man, they are great! They help me keep the medicine straight. I get them every month, the pharmacy delivers them to me.” — Jimmy Helms

“They package all of my mom’s pills! I no longer have the time-consuming hassle of counting out pills and putting them in medicine organizers each week.” — Zeritha McFadden

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What are MoosePacks?