Caring for family and for her community

Zeritha McFadden drives two hours just to get medicines from Moose Pharmacy.

Rock Hill, South Carolina resident Zeritha McFadden is a busy woman. She volunteers several days a month in her church’s nursery, teaches community correction and re-entry classes at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina, and recently even rallied her students to collect toiletries, food, and clothing for former inmates. She also cares for her mother.

Zeritha, a Louisiana native, studied criminal justice at Grambling State University and began working in the criminal justice field as a parole officer. She laughs when she shares that she met Will, her husband of 13 years, in jail. She says people are somewhat shocked until she explains that he’s a detention captain at the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office in Charlotte, North Carolina. “It’s a running joke,” she laughs.

The couple has a full house with their daughter, Kionna; their 14-month-old grandson, Kai; and Zeritha’s mother, Lula.

She’s a giving person, and no one knows it better than her family. When Lula became ill and unable to care for herself, Zeritha chose to resign her position as a re-entry coordinator to attend to her mother. Kionna works on weekends as a registered nurse and shares the load with her mom. “We help each other out. When she needs me for the baby, I’m there, and when I need to go to the store, she’s there to be with mom,” Zeritha explains.

“They package all of my mom’s pills! I no longer have the time-consuming hassle of counting out pills and putting them in medicine organizers each week.”

Zeritha’s first experience with the family-owned Moose Pharmacy was after her family doctor recommended Moose Pharmacy probiotics. Browsing through the Concord, North Carolina store, near their former residence in Harrisburg,Zeritha noticed MooseCaring Packs,  personalized supplies of daily medications sealed together in portable packages, organized by date, time, and dose. “A pharmacist explained that they would package all of my mom’s pills!” she exclaims. That meant she would no longer have the time-consuming hassle of counting out pills and putting them in medicine organizers each week.

After arranging for the MoosePack, pharmacy clerks gave Zeritha free insulin test strips, alcohol wipes, and a 30-day supply of children’s vitamins for her grandson – at no charge. Zeritha was impressed.

Now, Donna, a Moose pharmacist, calls Zeritha each month to review her mother’s medications, check on needed testing supplies, and keep track of refills. “She takes care of everything and lets me know when the medicines will be ready,” Zeritha says.

When the family moved to Rock Hill to build a home that better accommodates Lula’s needs, Zeritha decided that in spite of the distance, she would not sacrifice the benefits of the MoosePack, and the service from Moose Pharmacy. Each month she makes the two-hour trip.  

“It’s worth it,” she says. “It is absolutely amazing and incredible the level of service that I get with Moose Pharmacy.”

It’s all part of keeping life as smooth as possible for Zeritha and her family so she can care for her loved ones, and be the active woman she was meant to be.

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Caring for family and for her community