How much does MoosePacks cost?

There is no extra charge for MoosePacks. We package your medication for you in convenient, easy to use, customized packs at no additional cost to you.

Can MoosePacks be delivered?

MoosePacks are available for FREE delivery! If you are interested in our delivery services, please feel free to give us a call so we can get all of the information we need to deliver your medications.

When will my box start?

We can get you started with MoosePacks at anytime! First, we will sync all of your medications to ensure they are on the same schedule. If needed, we can dispense some of your medication into a prescription vial until it is time for you to get your MoosePacks next month. Then, all of your medications will in your MoosePacks for the start of a new month of your medications.

Am I able to return to prescription bottles if I don't like using the MoosePacks?

If you do not like MoosePacks, we are unable to take back any medications that have been sold in the packs, but we will set you up for sync refills and all of your future medications will be put into prescription bottles at the beginning of the next month. With sync refills, you will still receive all of your medications in bottles at the same time each month.

How long do I have to wait until I can start MoosePacks?

We can get you started with MoosePacks at anytime! For most patients, it takes 10-30 days to get started with MoosePacks; however, this timeline may vary depending on medication scheduling and patient insurance.

How do I open the MoosePack correctly?

The easiest way to open a MoosePack would be to tear the package from the right side or by cutting open the package.

What is the process of packaging my medications with MoosePacks?

We start by calling you and reviewing your medications. Once we review this information with you, we tell our packaging machine in Mt. Pleasant how to customize your Moosepack for you. The machine packages the medication using the latest technology, verifies everything has been packed correctly, and everything is reviewed by a pharmacist.  All solid oral medications (tablets and capsules) are available to be packaged in Moosepacks.


Once your MoosePacks are made, we will prepare any other medications we are unable package (inhalers, liquids, insulin, etc.) and let you know when everything is ready for pick-up or delivery!